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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The new Stampin Up Trimmer.

When preparing for the Mini Album Workshop last night I used my new Stampin up Trimmer (page 180 in the main catalogue £25.95)and the Simply Scored Board (page 181 in the main catalogue £25.95)
I cut the two pieces for the spine and sides of the Albums with the Trimmer and then scored them on the Score board with the markers at the top to make the job quicker.

My new Stampin up Trimmer arrived yesterday and I am very impressed with it.
When I was a Creative Memories Consultant I had to return their trimmer more than once because the arm kept falling off.(they did eventually rectify this problem.) I don't think that I will have the same problem with this trimmer as I can see that there is a sturdy screw keeping it in place!

Some of the great features are:-

1. Extended 6 1/4 inch wide cutting base. 
    You don't have to use the extended arm when making your most common cuts.
     The ruler measures inches and centimetres. It measures down to 1/16th inch.
    Grid lines on the base measure 1/4 inch.
    A ridge at the top keeps the card stock straight while cutting.
    There is a  grid on the right side of the scoring track for very thin precise cuts or scores up to 1 1/4 inches or 3 cm in width.

2.Cutting track locks into place so that you can have secure storage and transport.
A precision tip on the left hand side of the blade handle allows you to accurately stop and start cuts as when making  a Stepper card.
A hook at the side of the blade handle holds it in place for a straight cut
3. Extended Cutting Arm opens out and measures 14 1/2 inches for larger cuts.
    It sits flush against the trimmer base when fully extended.
    It has a stabalising leg underneath to keep it steady.

4.It comes with a scoring and a cutting blade.
   Both blades can remain on the track as you work because of extra space on the track.

5.Storage Compartment underneath.
This has space for spare blades, a bone folder, pin pricking tool and other small tools.

I will still use the scoring board for making deeper score lines and also for scoring several items at once.
It is also invaluable for making Rosettes.

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